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Cristi Tanase
Cristi Tanase Acum 23 minute
Boring movies with "super crap" "heroes" that jump around in leotards.
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Acum 33 minute
Can you do Money Heist next?I'm very surprised you haven't yet
Sean Sutton
Sean Sutton Acum 39 minute
Because of Ray Winstone, please say, in an English accent: 'Please gamble responsibly'.
Meghann Alt
Meghann Alt Acum 43 minute
The macho stepdaughter logically time because arithmetic serologically tow until a lewd tailor. chunky, bitter sand
Aldox G
Aldox G Acum 45 minute
Fembots daaaaamn lmao
Jesse Greene
Jesse Greene Acum 59 minute
TWD update and FTWD
Bruh peep this
Bruh peep this Acum oră
Zach Salazar
Zach Salazar Acum oră
Lost it at Harvey Weinstein
Exeivier Gtz
Exeivier Gtz Acum oră
cant wait for the hawkeye series to demonstrate hes the best mcu character ever/
Christian de Belen
Christian de Belen Acum 2 ore
"builds a floating fortress that avoids detection because..... *Its cloudy* " Bruh I was thinking the same thing 😂😂😂
ABC123 Acum 2 ore
Black Widow is the window into the future of the MCU and despite being a hot mess, people are still willing to hand over their hard-earned money. Disney is laughing all the way to the bank.
Robert Davis
Robert Davis Acum 3 ore
Idlani Faes
Idlani Faes Acum 3 ore
Do loki or I’ll bomb your studio
peteiswriteingnow Acum 4 ore
Why did they have to kill her of the hottest marvel avenger.
hooman squish
hooman squish Acum 4 ore
you’re not going to mention all the times they reference her part in the avengers :o
უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ
უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ Acum 4 ore
not even hawkeye can lose tiktaktoe after few tries ffs
hooman squish
hooman squish Acum 4 ore
YAY! i thought of the things honest trailers would say while i watched the film
Declan Kearns
Declan Kearns Acum 4 ore
This is basically the Xmen Origins Wolverine of the MCU.
Sravan Thomas
Sravan Thomas Acum 4 ore
Please do a your name honest trailer
Airbag888 Acum 4 ore
The reason she survives is in theory she has some super soldier serum in her
Ivan Bolvan
Ivan Bolvan Acum 4 ore
Lots of pockets is a joke about Anatoliy Wassermann,very smart jew from USSR,who was wearing the same jacket with lots of pockets for decades,and lines of that chick from movie is 100 % same thing he was talking about his own jacket.
lej-down gasp
lej-down gasp Acum 4 ore
With not saying CAPTAIN RUSSIA?! Pleeeeease...
maya rajesh
maya rajesh Acum 5 ore
honestly everyone wants loki. please?
Yari Clavel
Yari Clavel Acum 5 ore
"His colossal stank" 😆😆
Nick Wheeler
Nick Wheeler Acum 5 ore
say "Someone better get my pound puppy cause I wanna cuddle"
massage antwerpen
massage antwerpen Acum 5 ore
Even the honest trailer of black widow was boring...
Zach Zachary
Zach Zachary Acum 6 ore
uhhhh....Captain Marvel?
fire lord azula [BL]
fire lord azula [BL] Acum 6 ore
Make one for loki!
Dogeymcdogeface Acum 6 ore
Say “I am paralysed from the neck down and can no longer move it move it”
Dutch Plan der Linde
Dutch Plan der Linde Acum 6 ore
I had my fun with it, but I forgot black widow was in it
MarieAnnMarie Acum 6 ore
I keep seeing posters of everyone else and I’m like....”was Scarlet even in this movie??” 😂
AkulaSpawn Acum 6 ore
What a waste of film....
V V Acum 6 ore
First Hollywood kills an entire prison, then they claim it was "evil regime" with lots of victims.
Meta Man
Meta Man Acum 6 ore
Mini jokovich is sooo accurate!!
Zito07 Acum 7 ore
Please say "Ogres, Are Not, Like Cakes !"
Random Person
Random Person Acum 7 ore
Say “my sandwich is attracted to chairs”
Kimrcz Acum 7 ore
Gunpowder milkshake, tear it a new one please!
Endernite Andrews
Endernite Andrews Acum 7 ore
I have a chicken and 2 dogs, so please make a Killer bean honest trailer. Or I get diarrhoea
Indian Gypsy
Indian Gypsy Acum 9 ore
Hey please do Hugh Jackmans "VAN HELSING"
Whank McSockpuppet
Whank McSockpuppet Acum 10 ore
"The most brutal murder...." Epic.
iyan.144p Acum 10 ore
Haha good one
farid abozekri
farid abozekri Acum 11 ore
Black widow death in endgame
Finnigan Acum 11 ore
Do Loki next plz
ExWhyZed Acum 11 ore
Do Rick And Morty please
Dm S
Dm S Acum 11 ore
Aren't superheroes supposed to have some sort of superpower? She's just someone who was trained to kill
ExWhyZed Acum 12 ore
Do the Loki Series......
Karen W
Karen W Acum 12 ore
ferg Acum 13 ore
John Spelling
John Spelling Acum 13 ore
Classic ... "Weisz Spy" ... haaaa that made me laugh.
S V Acum 13 ore
This was such a useless movie
Ashley Howerton
Ashley Howerton Acum 13 ore
Alexi is amazing
Primo Acum 13 ore
Imo this movie was one of the worst Marvel movies, maybe its just because it just kept getting pushed back. They should have released it last year in May on Disneyplus.
Ray W0n
Ray W0n Acum 14 ore
Hawkeye: Can't loose a tic tac too if you're not in the movie.
JustEye 18
JustEye 18 Acum 15 ore
Am i the only one who sensed some sexual tension between Natasha and Yelena??
Wayne Phillips
Wayne Phillips Acum 15 ore
Do the Evil Dead Trilogy. Give me some sugar baby!
Mr. Dystopian
Mr. Dystopian Acum 15 ore
Budapest is the Buda-best!
Joshua R
Joshua R Acum 16 ore
"who's the grown adult that lost that tic-tac-toe? I'll bet it was Hawkeye." 😂😂
Kristina Braly
Kristina Braly Acum 17 ore
Omg I felt you on the mini jovovich! We said the same thing watching it
Nicamon Acum 8 ore
Honestly,I thought of Mini-Emma from"Blue Is the Warmest Colour".
Theopheus Acum 17 ore
The film had Marvel level production, so it was ok by MCU standards, but it had a lot of issues, not the least of which was Taskmaster. Their continued woke BS just keeps ruining everything. Am I the only one who thinks that everything post Endgame has been pretty mediocre? How the hell did General Ross get there at the end of the movie, btw? Nobody knew where the Red Room was, but he suddenly shows up, not even in a jet, but in a ground vehicle. Someone explain that to me.
David Lee
David Lee Acum 17 ore
you sir or your team are just so talented !!!
Keith Blackwell
Keith Blackwell Acum 17 ore
Even with the scars Olga Kurylenko is hotter than Black Widow and all the chicks in this film.
juan2049 Acum 17 ore
It’s funny how people are now starting to realize that marvel movies just aren’t that great .
Craig P
Craig P Acum 17 ore
I'm a spy But like, I have a very recognizable face and hair color I'm also a child actor and part of Avengers I'm constantly on tv
Dani Williams
Dani Williams Acum 17 ore
When i watched ot for the first time i also saw the tic tac toe board and was like, “looks like hawkeye lost” didn’t even consider it be Natasha, couldn’t be her
Ninja Coffee Bunny
Ninja Coffee Bunny Acum 17 ore
Okay, but How has Hercules not been done yet??? I Need a parody of Danny DeVito's montage song, and so does the world 😭🙏🙏🙏
Sam Zima
Sam Zima Acum 17 ore
Please do the Loki series! ⚔️
trevor stevens
trevor stevens Acum 18 ore
you stink on ice lol.
JorBur3 Acum 18 ore
That fact they called Dreykov “Harvey Weinstein” in this video and I watched the movie all I could think of is that he’s pretty much just Harvey Weinstein is hilarious to me
wolfrainexxx Acum 18 ore
At least her replacement was enjoyable to watch, otherwise I'd have not suffered this wreck.
Timere Cephas
Timere Cephas Acum 18 ore
They are gonna need to Synder cut this one.
mercedes drake 91
mercedes drake 91 Acum 18 ore
mini jovovich lol
Muddasar Hussain
Muddasar Hussain Acum 18 ore
It was a terrible movie.
mercedes drake 91
mercedes drake 91 Acum 18 ore
horror films have kill counts black widow has should've been killed counts lmao
Winnie Frolik
Winnie Frolik Acum 18 ore
Do Ready Or Not
Cody Lakin
Cody Lakin Acum 18 ore
I’m all for Florence Pugh’s character, but this movie should’ve been a Raid-style action film of Black Widow and Hawkeye in Budapest. Plus flashback sequences that connect some of her origin story, and tie it into the emotional arc of the overall film. Then we could’ve gotten this one, or something like it.
Mike The troll
Mike The troll Acum 19 ore
Lmao how did i miss the friend zone scene?
Nitinram Velraj
Nitinram Velraj Acum 19 ore
Do a honest trailers about honest trailers
D C Acum 19 ore
It’s interesting to me how many first “female led superhero movies” there have been. Seems like every one of them is “the first.” I’ve got an idea, how about just make some good ones?
John Lopez
John Lopez Acum 19 ore
you nailed the Harvey Weinstein comment. My daughter and I definitely got those vibes watching those scenes.
Ryan uno
Ryan uno Acum 19 ore
Wow not even on blu-ray or digital yet and already a honest trailer 😂
Nehemiah Huff
Nehemiah Huff Acum 20 ore
5:17 so true
Tiana roberge mria
Tiana roberge mria Acum 20 ore
Tiana roberge mria
Tiana roberge mria Acum 20 ore
Tiana roberge mria
Tiana roberge mria Acum 20 ore
Tiana roberge mria
Tiana roberge mria Acum 20 ore
Tiana roberge mria
Tiana roberge mria Acum 20 ore
The nut job 3
Tiana roberge mria
Tiana roberge mria Acum 20 ore
Thasiyana Mwandila
Thasiyana Mwandila Acum 20 ore
The most brutal murder in black widow history
night Hawk playzzs
night Hawk playzzs Acum 20 ore
Do space jam 2
This Guy
This Guy Acum 20 ore
Avoids detection cos it’s cloudy killed me
Uri Stav
Uri Stav Acum 21 oră
That movie sucked
Shreyas Raghunath
Shreyas Raghunath Acum 21 oră
I want an honest trailer for Loki
Jeff Adams
Jeff Adams Acum 21 oră
So Loki Honest Trailer?? Let's see it!! 😃
Wilma Walker
Wilma Walker Acum 21 oră
Thank you for this honest trailer, I love it
YouTube_Consumer Acum 21 oră
Damn, the amount of damage she took, what's her suit made of! Vibranium... What
Liza Unicorn
Liza Unicorn Acum 22 ore
Finally a Marvel movie without any stupid Stan Lee cameos or Samuel Jackson cameos. I re-watched the whole movie just because of that.
Biffcheese Spinoccoli
Biffcheese Spinoccoli Acum 22 ore
RED SPARROW was an amazing Black Widow solo film.
Nicole Herold
Nicole Herold Acum 22 ore
Black Widow Pitch Meeting
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