Honest Trailers | Luca
Declan Kearns
Declan Kearns Acum 4 ore
This is basically the Xmen Origins Wolverine of the MCU.
Sravan Thomas
Sravan Thomas Acum 4 ore
Please do a your name honest trailer
Airbag888 Acum 4 ore
The reason she survives is in theory she has some super soldier serum in her
Ivan Bolvan
Ivan Bolvan Acum 4 ore
Lots of pockets is a joke about Anatoliy Wassermann,very smart jew from USSR,who was wearing the same jacket with lots of pockets for decades,and lines of that chick from movie is 100 % same thing he was talking about his own jacket.
lej-down gasp
lej-down gasp Acum 4 ore
With not saying CAPTAIN RUSSIA?! Pleeeeease...
maya rajesh
maya rajesh Acum 5 ore
honestly everyone wants loki. please?
Victoria Bitong
Victoria Bitong Acum 5 ore
I just wanna know which region the movie takes place in
Yari Clavel
Yari Clavel Acum 5 ore
"His colossal stank" 😆😆
Nick Wheeler
Nick Wheeler Acum 5 ore
say "Someone better get my pound puppy cause I wanna cuddle"
Toshiro Valiant
Toshiro Valiant Acum 5 ore
God: Yeah I made all humans..... And then i was hit by the genius of Tanjiro..... Now I'm self conscious
massage antwerpen
massage antwerpen Acum 5 ore
Even the honest trailer of black widow was boring...
Zach Zachary
Zach Zachary Acum 6 ore
uhhhh....Captain Marvel?
Chayenne Thomas
Chayenne Thomas Acum 6 ore
This is such a good movie
fire lord azula [BL]
fire lord azula [BL] Acum 6 ore
Make one for loki!
khilesh dhurve
khilesh dhurve Acum 6 ore
3:07 you got me fudged up
tabucyedi samsun
tabucyedi samsun Acum 6 ore
it wouldn't be complete without "my cabbages" Just one of the mistakes Shamalayan did.
Dogeymcdogeface Acum 6 ore
Say “I am paralysed from the neck down and can no longer move it move it”
Dutch Plan der Linde
Dutch Plan der Linde Acum 6 ore
I had my fun with it, but I forgot black widow was in it
Me Miss Marie
Me Miss Marie Acum 6 ore
I keep seeing posters of everyone else and I’m like....”was Scarlet even in this movie??” 😂
AkulaSpawn Acum 6 ore
What a waste of film....
Samin Rahman
Samin Rahman Acum 6 ore
I hate u honest trailers for tourchering me
V V Acum 6 ore
First Hollywood kills an entire prison, then they claim it was "evil regime" with lots of victims.
TheRoaming Savage
TheRoaming Savage Acum 6 ore
"Marvel at a show so dense with A list celebrities, its clear amazon can afford to give its drivers bathroom breaks" Hahaha! 😂
Meta Man
Meta Man Acum 6 ore
Mini jokovich is sooo accurate!!
Sissy Rekin
Sissy Rekin Acum 6 ore
Whith this movie i have my first sexual thought "i like men" 🤷🏻‍♀️
CodenameJD Acum 6 ore
No Crunchy Roll?
Amit KHOBRAGADE Acum 7 ore
In that mommy clip you forgot WHY DID YOU TAKE THAT NAME
Bèži Zöltár
Bèži Zöltár Acum 7 ore
This was the funniest of all movie trailers...the waving..more waving....& especiallyyyyy the Kate Winslet’s name🤣🤣🤣🥳oh buoy
Miguel Rivera
Miguel Rivera Acum 7 ore
The Snyder cut 4hrs of lamented music slowmo CRAP I fell a sleep and forced myself to watch it again still CRAP
Zito07 Acum 7 ore
Please say "Ogres, Are Not, Like Cakes !"
Random Person
Random Person Acum 7 ore
Say “my sandwich is attracted to chairs”
Kimrcz Acum 7 ore
Gunpowder milkshake, tear it a new one please!
Endernite Andrews
Endernite Andrews Acum 7 ore
I have a chicken and 2 dogs, so please make a Killer bean honest trailer. Or I get diarrhoea
kevin madden
kevin madden Acum 7 ore
The original voice suuuuuuucked
Giantwaspface Acum 8 ore
Invincible: The show that memes and ROkey thumbnails ruined before you got a chance to watch it.
Myrthe Van Beest
Myrthe Van Beest Acum 8 ore
that grunting montage just got me pregnant...
Reality Check
Reality Check Acum 8 ore
Boring movie.
Wawa FlockaFlame
Wawa FlockaFlame Acum 8 ore
Wow that was Felicia day!!!
kanye west
kanye west Acum 9 ore
Indian Gypsy
Indian Gypsy Acum 9 ore
Hey please do Hugh Jackmans "VAN HELSING"
Lindsay Southworth
Lindsay Southworth Acum 10 ore
If Ren kills all the students Luke had before he went into exile, that means Ren killed baby yoda right? Or did I miss something?
Proxximo Amandil
Proxximo Amandil Acum 10 ore
the "Starring" Part me me cry laughing :D
Lily Graham
Lily Graham Acum 10 ore
they forgot the outsiders easter egg ralph macchios favorite role was in that movie
melvert33 Acum 10 ore
Four eyes....er no eyes...so funny!
Whank McSockpuppet
Whank McSockpuppet Acum 10 ore
"The most brutal murder...." Epic.
Brian Acum 10 ore
Who the hell on your team picked out the Lethal Weapon house?!
Splattertube Acum 10 ore
1:47 Blurred out the bloody spike? Psh
iyan.144p Acum 10 ore
Haha good one
Kain Dragoon
Kain Dragoon Acum 10 ore
Kneel before zod!!!! Oh wait wrong movie.
Nope Nope
Nope Nope Acum 10 ore
I love and hate Friends at the same. I love Phoebe and Chandler's character but the main couple is the most unfit couple ever! Would be happier if the RachelXJoey arc didn't happen and Ross and Rachel didn't come back together. Everything fell from season 7.
farid abozekri
farid abozekri Acum 11 ore
Black widow death in endgame
Erkko Acum 11 ore
"Even the bird Is crying..... Wait, why Is the bird crying? "
mrnnhnz Acum 11 ore
that was actually pretty good, heh heh.
Finnigan Acum 11 ore
Do Loki next plz
ExWhyZed Acum 11 ore
Do Rick and Morty please
ExWhyZed Acum 11 ore
Do Rick And Morty please
Dm S
Dm S Acum 11 ore
Aren't superheroes supposed to have some sort of superpower? She's just someone who was trained to kill
Homer The Don
Homer The Don Acum 12 ore
The starring was ridiculous, just kept going.
ExWhyZed Acum 12 ore
Do the Loki Series......
Veeral Patel
Veeral Patel Acum 12 ore
Do Mythic Quest!!!
Karen W
Karen W Acum 12 ore
Kenickie Weir
Kenickie Weir Acum 12 ore
The 2021 Captain America comic series is a story about someone stealing Steve's shield and they all have to go try find it.
Maui Willi
Maui Willi Acum 12 ore
A turtle is a friend is literally my jam
Maui Willi
Maui Willi Acum 12 ore
I still watch this like once a year
Waluigi Acum 13 ore
HuckOrris Acum 13 ore
I wonder how much purge insurance is for your home and car. And life insurance.
ferg Acum 13 ore
reka Acum 13 ore
Americans can't pronounce Iraq
John Spelling
John Spelling Acum 13 ore
Classic ... "Weisz Spy" ... haaaa that made me laugh.
S V Acum 13 ore
This was such a useless movie
TalkingSoup Acum 13 ore
subway eat fresh
Jay Acum 13 ore
Your comic book guy impersonation was spot-on.
M KS Acum 13 ore
I love this movie. I don’t care what people say. 🤨
Ashley Howerton
Ashley Howerton Acum 13 ore
Alexi is amazing
Primo Acum 13 ore
Imo this movie was one of the worst Marvel movies, maybe its just because it just kept getting pushed back. They should have released it last year in May on Disneyplus.
M KS Acum 13 ore
This is the worst movie I have ever seen!! Ugh!!
Dexter Acum 14 ore
If green lantern,s director directed Justice League Steppenwolf: Martha Box Batman: Why did u say that name???
Sanjith mohanraj
Sanjith mohanraj Acum 14 ore
do loki
Raymond of Toulouse
Raymond of Toulouse Acum 14 ore
>what are you cheering for?? I give this thing 10 minutes tops so true lol